Although it’s still ways off, the County’s Climate Change Plan is coming along.

Charlsey White the Director of Planning, and Craig Douglas the Director of Public Works provided an update where they are at in the creation of a county-wide Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Plan.

White explained, during the regular county council meeting, the plan is starting to take shape in the sense that she and Douglas have been able to create the scope of the plan, and a pseudo-timeline for the implementation. Before the plan goes further, White explained that she’d like to bring what they have to the various lower-tier municipalities and get their feedback before going forward. As it sits now, the creation of the plan is expected to go from May into early 2020.

White brought the update to council looking for direction as to things that might need to be added before it goes to the lower tiers. Dysart Deputy Mayor Pat Kennedy thought that it would be good to include the budget implications of the plan, Mayor Brent Devolin agreed with that idea.