Despite there being money in the budget for implementing transit, Haliburton County is holding onto it.

During the county council meeting, it was decided that until there is a definitive thing to be spending money on the $50,000 in the budget is staying left alone.

Although the money is there, what it would be used on is very much in limbo, the Transportation Taskforce has come and gone, the suggestion made by IBI Group isn’t feasible, and Rural Transportation Options ran out of gas.

The Transportation Taskforce has done extensive work highlighting the want and needs for some kind of transit system in the area, as well they provided suggested models for the creation of transit. The taskforce, by the end of their term, felt that a bookable ride share was the best model to accommodate the needs of county residents. An idea that RTO supported and felt was feasible.

Another option to get consideration was presented by IBI Group. They suggested that perhaps the county repurpose Dysart et al’s DYMO Bus to become the main vehicle in a rideshare model that would have runs between Haliburton, Minden, Carnarvon, and West Guilford, as well as trips to Wilberforce and up to Dorset.

Although the county councillors did not settle on what to do with the budget money, they did agree that they need to continue to look at what can be done and that money can not collect metaphorical dust.