UPDATE: A pair of roads in Minden Hills are re-opened to all traffic.

Dennison Road and Salerno Lake Road Bridge have been opened after several days of being closed due to flooding. Minden Hills township says that ditches are holding water right now so residents are encouraged to stay away from them.


Driving in Minden Hills is going to be complicated for the next while.

With the on-going concern of flooding and water levels on the rise, the township has closed a total of 17 different roads for the time being. Minden officials are urging that unless you are a local on that road you do not drive on it. As well the Minden river walk and boardwalk are closed as they are underwater.

Below is a list of roads closed

• McKnight
• Invergordon
• Milburn Road
• Anson
• St. Germaine Street
• McKnight Drive
• Orde Street
• Spring Valley Road
• Ritchie Falls Road
• Mark Twain Road
• Conway Road
• Snowmobile Bridge
• Loggers Crossing Pedestrian Bridge