HALIBURTON, ON- With hundreds of septic systems left to inspect, Dysart staff unveiled the pass and fails numbers so far.

Over the past year, Dysart staff have done mandatory inspections on 309 septic systems around Kennisis and Little Kennisis Lake, and have found that 10 per cent of them have failed.

Between April of last year and April of this year, the inspection team looked at roughly 31 per cent of the systems in need.

In a report that breaks down the month to month numbers for the inspections. April of last year, they conducted 43 inspections that had 26 passes and 17 fails.

May had five fails and 15 passes, June had 17 passes and 11 fails, July had 36 passes and 23 fails, and August 42 passes and 17 fails.

Heading into the fall, the inspection program found 43 passes and 17 fails in September, 10 passes and five fails in October, three passes and no fails in November, 18 passes and two fails in March of 2019, and two passes last month.

Generally speaking, the systems would get a failing mark for either moderate to major issues. Those would be a cracked or leaking tank, root infestation, an overloaded septic tank, or a failed tile field.

In July, the highest month for failures, there was 16 moderate to major issues.

With the failing grade, the property owners can be fined, made to repair the system, or if it is severe enough they may be forced to replace the entire system which costs thousands.

The Septic Re-inspection Program is mandatory county-wide.