The chance to be a prospector is a new experience available in Highlands East.

Hobby Mineral Collecting is being offered as a fun outdoor recreational pursuit for people of all ages states a Municipality of Highlands East webpage.

Highlands East (Cardiff, Wilberforce, Tory Hill) is world famous for fine specimens of gem green apatite, deep purple fluorite, large crystals of collector minerals like mica, tremolite, zircon, titanite, feldspar, and several rare and unusual species like fluororichterite, and stillwellite.

Adults and kids alike can dig for buried treasure, get hands-on with the unique geology that defines the Highlands region, and bring home some colourful gems of their very own.

Permission to Collect forms can be downloaded from the website.

The forms need to confirm if people are visiting the Scheckler, Desmont or the Gibson’s Road east locations.

To see all the places you can visit to collect minerals click here.