HIGHLANDS EAST, ON – The municipality is trying to get a better understanding of what people think about temporary rentals.

With the increasing popularity of services like Air BnB and other rental agencies, there is also growing concerns about what that will Short-term rentals will look like and the impact they have on the community around them.

Because of this, the Municipality of Highlands East has launched a public questionnaire to gauge what the public thinks they are and what the problems or benefits of them might be.

The survey can be found by clicking here.

Within the survey, the people filling it out are asked whereabouts in the municipality they live, what their connection to Short-term rentals is, and if they have experienced any unwanted behaviour like noise, fire concerns, poor property management etc.

In total there are 23 questions to be answered.

Highlands has been trying to sort out the best course of action for a while now. In February of this year, they had drafted a questionnaire about the type of accommodation, and before that, they had hosted an open house about them.

The municipality at one point had attempted to form a Short-term rental Committee that was later scrapped because 15 of the 18 applicants had rental properties making a conflict of interest not just possible but very likely.

If you don’t have access to the online survey, the municipality says you can call them at 05-448-2981 or info@highlandseast.ca and a paper copy will be mailed to you.