Police are recognizing two citizens for their quick response in an emergency situation that led to the rescue of a woman. Saturday morning around 9:30, officers got the call that a vehicle had overturned in a ditch filled with deep water on Gelert Road. The driver, Bharat Bhaga, was able to exit the vehicle, but the passenger was trapped. He flagged down Chris Dobbins who was driving by. Dobbins was able to attach a winch line to the car to keep it from totally submerging until emergency services arrived. The passenger of the overturned vehicle only had her head above water when crews arrived on scene. Minden Hills Fire Department was able to remove the woman from the vehicle and she was transported to hospital along with Bhaga and treated for hypothermia.

Bhaga and Dobbins are being recognized for their efforts in an OPP press release that stated their “quick actions in a stressful situation led to a remarkable rescue.”