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Maple Lake landfill in Algonquin Highlands ready to accept more items

Landfill Restrictions changing at MAPLE LAKE ONLY – starting June 26

Starting on Friday June 26

ONLY on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
This is to accommodate and manage the anticipated influx of items

Maple Lake Landfill will continue accepting household garbage and recycling. Maple Lake Landfill will resume accepting:

page1image3775472 page1image3774848 page1image3775056


page1image3776720 page1image3777136

Min charge


$/cubic yard

Construction and Demolition materials, Shingles

$10 min.


Bulky items

page1image3782752 page1image3783168

$10 min



Household garbage >1 yd3

page1image3785456 page1image3785872 page1image3787328


Brush (must be <4” dia)

$15 min


Yard waste (leaves, etc.)

page1image3790032 page1image3790448

$10 min

page1image3791072 page1image3791488




Upholstered furniture/Mattress/Box spring


CFC Appliances (fridges etc.)

page1image3794608 page1image3795024


page1image3795648 page1image3796064

page1image3796480 page1image3797104

Scrap metal

No charge


No charge

Tires on or off rim

No charge

page1image5768624 page1image5769040




page1image5771536 page1image5771952

$65 for motor


Payment must be by debit or credit card using our new tap-to-pay system

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CASH will not be accepted in keeping with COVID-related public health recommendations

page1image5772992 page1image5773200

Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday Sunday


MAPLE LAKE LANDFILL hours are as follows:
1 pm to 7 pm – Household garbage and recycling only 8 am to 1 pm – Household garbage and recycling only 1 pm to 7 pm – All materials
8 am to 5 pm – All materials
10 am to 7 pm – All materials

  •   Please expect substantial delays during weekend hours
  •   Opening and closing are typically the busiest times
  •   If you are dropping off only household garbage and recycling you are encouraged tovisit the site during less busy times/days
  • For a list of all materials and charges, please visit

All Landfill Restriction Remain in Place – OTHER LANDFILLS

Materials restrictions remain in place at Hawk Lake, Pine Springs, Dorset and Oxtongue Lake disposal sites while we ease back into full operations.

Until further notice, these three locations will continue to accept ONLY household waste <1 cubic yard and recycling.

For additional details on COVID-19 impacts on waste management, please

We thank the public for their understanding as we work toward keeping our community safe and healthy.

Contact Information:

Melissa Murray
Environmental Coordinator Township of Algonquin Highlands (705)-489-2379 ext. [email protected]

Adam Thorn
Operations Manager
Township of Algonquin Highlands (705) 489-2379 ext. 325 [email protected]

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