Our local health unit is encouraging residents to get behind them in their call to the province to provide publicly-funded dental programs to low-income adults and seniors. Anna Rusak is an Oral Health Promoter, and she says that in 2012, there were over one thousand visits to the emergency room in Haliburton, Minden and Lindsay for oral health issues. She explains what kind of effect this has economically:

Rusak also explains that hospitals can’t treat these issues, so they often just give antibiotics or pain killers. The provincial government promised the program for 2025, but she says it needs to happen sooner. Rusak explains what the ideal program would look like:

Rusak says too many people suffer from dental pain and infection because they can’t afford to get treatment. They’re asking people to support the campaign by signing an e-card.

For more information from the Health Unit, click here to visit the page on their website.

To sign the e-card, click here.