Algonquin Highlands Reeve Carol Moffatt says there’s a lot of growth happening at the Township. She says the Township is big enough now to hire a full time planner, which is one of the reasons they decided to create that position. With the changes happening at the Township though, Moffatt says councilors agreed to have some drawings done to consider putting an addition on to the Township office.

These discussions happened at yesterday’s council meeting, along with finalizing the 2015 budget. Councilors made the final decisions at yesterday’s meeting and Reeve Carol Moffatt says staff did a good job of coming in with what council was hoping for. She says even though OPP costs mean a 4.5 per cent increase for the Township, their capital works projects are still able to go ahead. When it comes to what residents will see on their bills, the Township treasurer says it could be an increase of just over seven dollars per 100 thousand dollar value. The budget is still in draft mode until the County and Education tax rates are approved and passed.