It’s Lightning Safety Week, and even though most of it seems like common sense, there are still some safety aspects people aren’t aware of. Local Fire Chief Miles Maughan says one thing a lot of people don’t know is that there’s a right and wrong place to find shelter.

Maughan also says that when indoors, you should also make sure not to touch things that are grounded because lightning can flow through things like phones and taps.

Environment Canada is reporting that last year over a dozen people were struck by lightning where it could have been avoided. They also say that two-thirds of damaging lightning strikes occur when the storm is not directly above the victim.

Maughan explains that there are also a lot of misconceptions.

Maughan says anyone who’s struck will need immediate attention, and the area is usually safe after the first hit. For more information from Environment Canada including safety and a lightning danger map, go to their website.