For the third time, our local MPP and PC Critic for Women’s Issues, is asking Kathleen Wynne what she plans to do to protect women against domestic violence. It’s been a month since the triple homicide in Wilno, and Laurie Scott is looking for answers.

Scott says incidents like this should never happen. Especially when the accused was previously in jail for domestic violence and wouldn’t sign his probation order.

In response, the Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues, Tracy MacCharles, says they have a number of initiatives to support women and men who face domestic violence and knows there could be more. MacCharles also says they’ve invested in more shelters and have a sexual violence action plan and roundtable.

However, Scott says there needs to be more resources. She explains a report that came from the Liberal’s own government in 2012, stating offenders on probation need to be supervised.

Scott is calling for changes including restoring funding to the Partner Assault Response program, and using the committee’s risk assessment tool to prevent future deaths as a result of domestic violence.