With the year coming to a close, here is a look back on the most popular stories.

The most read story from My Haliburton Now.com was a story from this summer when a trio from St. Catherines was charged in connection to bodies found off of Glamour Lake Road. The full story can be found by clicking here.

According to you, the reader, the second most popular story from the newsroom was a story about parts of Algonquin Park being closed because of the forest fires that burned through part of the summer. click here for the full story.

The third most read story from the newsroom was the most recent of the top five. This story happened in early December when a woman was struck and killed crossing the road in Haliburton Village. Click here for the full story.

A Race making its way to Gooderham was a topic of conversation. A story announcing the Cordory Enduro Race was coming to the Highlands East township was the fourth most popular story. The full story is here.

The fifth most popular story for My Haliburton Now.com is another one from Highlands East. CBC’s Still Standing filmed an episode here in Wilberforce and the municipality hosted a live screening.