Issues near and dear to Haliburton County are getting attention at ROMA this week.

The Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund, broadband coverage, and bringing doctors to Northern Ontario are just some of the concerns to come from the Rural Ontario Municipal Association’s meeting this week.

Several local politicians are in Toronto as part of a three-day conference focused on issues that affect rural Ontario communities. As part of the conference was a question and answer period that happened yesterday afternoon.

During the Q&A, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario President Jaime McGarvey, asked the panellists what the status of the OMPF was, adding that 389 rural communities rely on this funding. The answer to that question was that the province wants to hear from the affected municipalities on how the fund is important to serving the public.

Another question came from the Mayor of Bracebridge, Graydon Smith, who asked if the province would commit to fixing the funding formula for mid-sized hospitals. Deputy Premiere Christine Elliot responded by saying the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care is reviewing that process and any thoughts and ideas are welcome.

A big question from the Q&A was from the Mayor of Caledon, Allen Thompson, who asked if Ontario was going to make broadband an essential service. The panel responded by saying that help is coming soon and the province understands the need.

The ROMA meeting concludes today.